With stantech technologies security we offer professional cctv cameras installer service in Rwanda. We are going to break it down and make it very easy to understand.  There are exceptions for this basic explanation but understanding the basics will make those exceptions easier to understand.

There are three basic components that make a hidden spy camera :
1.    The camera
2.    A recording device ( VCR or DVR)
3.    A monitor to watch your recorded video.
We offer a range of Industrial grade NVRs, DVRs and CCTV Cameras to cater to the video surveillance challenges faced by any kind of organization. Incorporating the latest technology, our products helps in smart recording and detailed monitoring. They also assist in quick detection of events with prompt alerts along with rapid and efficient searching of events for analyzing. These high performing NVRs and DVRs allow remote and centralized management of multiple locations making them highly suitable for large organizations. Our Centralized Management Software allows management of multiple DVRs and NVRs connected at different locations from a centralized location.
Key Features:
Our range of surveillance solutions is designed specifically for large enterprises and multi-location organizations which require centralized and remote management with real-time notification. Our solution is power packed with advanced features that not only deliver effective and efficient security but also enhances productivity.
i.    Synchronous Playback
ii.    Timeline-based Search
iii.    Camera wise Recording Retention
iv.    Cascading of Cameras
v.    SMS & Email Alerts
vi.    Scheduled Backup on FTP & NAS
vii.    3G Connectivity
viii.    Matrix DNS Server
ix.    Integration with Time-Attendance & Access Control
x.    Connect Multiple HVRs, NVRs and DVRs
xi.    Intelligent E-map
Key Benefits:
i.    Wide range of IP and Analog Cameras
ii.    Easy to install and configure through various interfaces
iii.    Flexibility in recording to optimize hard disk usage
iv.    Remote Monitoring with CMS, Web Client and Mobile Viewer
v.    Smarter search for quick and accurate analysis
vi.    Dual Streaming option to optimize bandwidth usage
vii.    DynDNS and Matrix DNS Server to save cost of static IP
viii.    Complete Security Solution with seamless integration with our Access Control and Fire Alarm Panel

NVR is not limited to be in the same area as your cameras cabling to one section. The unit can be placed virtually anywhere, it simply just needs to be on the same LAN network as the IP based cameras.
An NVR is a software program that records video in a digital format to a disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or other mass storage device. An NVR contains no dedicated video capture hardware. However, the software is typically run on a dedicated device, usually with an embedded operating system.
Video footage can be viewed remotely over the internet and Supports scalable amounts of storage capacities through additional Network attached storage.
NVR is used in IP video surveillance systems. Because of the nature of these units, a camera that is capable of capturing High Resolution (Mega Pixel cameras) will record and playback as that desired resolution.
Typical Applications
Point of Sale Monitoring, entry to Institutions, banks, & exit, Perimeter Protection, Hospitals, Anti-Terrorism positions, Supermarkets/hypermarket, Hospitals, Government institutions and Apartments