Looking to buy quality computers, laptops, printers, printer cartridges and toners, mobile phones, software, networking, computer accessories and related electronics from a computer shop in Kigali at cheap prices?  Stantech Technologies brings the best in electronics and computers directly to you from a company you can trust. We are unique in the world of retailing; an online store with the personal touch of your local retailer.

  • We offer, support and maintain all your office IT equipment’s at the best rates in the market.
  • We offer the below services
  • Supply ,install ,maintain office printers of all sizes,
  • Supply ,install ,maintain laptops and desktops
  • Supply ,install ,maintain board room projectors for conferencing
  • We offer elegant and well-designed building and office networking and electrical cabling

Network cabling

Stantech Technologies helps you harness the transformative power of today’s latest technologies, simplifying the entire life cycle of every initiative, from assessment and planning to implementation and support.
Our structured network management solutions in Rwanda will help your organization reach the following technical goals:
i.    Maximize Performance & Productivity
ii.    Enhance Network Security
iii.    Achieve Reliability for Critical Core Apps
iv.    Reduce Downtime
v.    Update obsolete Hardware & Software
vi.    Boost Network Scalability
vii.    Simplify Network Management
Corporate Network Management & Maintenance
Intelligent Corporate Networks Management: Enjoy enhanced management solutions of your corporate resources in Rwanda, with solutions that enhance real-time storage, protection, backup & retrieval of your precious business data.
1.    Network Management & Maintenance Solutions in Rwanda.
Structured Networking & Cabling Solutions
Value-added supply, installation & maintenance of network equipment and cabling systems, built on the foundation of quality products that are responsive to our clients' needs
2.    Computer Networks & Cabling Solutions
IP Telephony, VoIP & PABX Solutions
Integrated, end-to-end unified Data & Voice Network Solutions in Kenya, with emphasis on IP Telephony systems and Voice over IP, enhanced with Call Control and Quality of Service.
3.    Learn More About Voice Networks Solutions
Wireless Networks

Enjoy all the values, features and functionality of high-end wireless network systems, within a Secure but easy-to-use framework.
4.    Wireless Networks & Wireless Internet Solutions
Advanced WAN Solutions & Virtual Private Networking
Converge your geographically-separated wide-area corporate networks into a single high-performance secure fabric built on modern private tunnelling standards.

5.    WAN & VPN Technology Solutions
Let stantech technologies be your preferred ICT Solutions provider of choice in Rwanda. We also offer network maintenance services on monthly, quarterly and yearly plans.