Automated Gates

Automated Gates

At Stantech Technologies we ensure that our customers are safe secure and satisfied and that is why we use Garrison Gates which come with a control box, gate navigator, electric latch and lock and remote push button. 

So why go for a remote gate?

Because it is easy to install, easy to use, affordable, convenient and will significantly increase the security level. With automated systems, only authorized persons have access, otherwise the sturdy fencing gate will not move and inch.

With an automatic gate opener, however, you can open the gates as soon as you enter the driveway, straight from your car, just push the button and the gates will open and close obediently. At Stantech Technologies you can find a wide variety of automatic gate types and choose the type of gate you prefer.

We provide automatic gated systems for homes, offices, hospitals and many other places. This gate provides automatism such that they are controlled by a key fob.