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Bug Zapper Light Bulb


Bug Zapper Light Bulb
Traps Mosquitoes Flies
Mosquito Killer Lamp For Indoor Bedroom Kitchen Outdoor Garden Patio Yard or Office

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1.Household USB charging socket mosquito killing lamp, using LED purple light source technology to trap mosquitoes in all directions.
2. The seven-piece fan improves air flow, and the inhalation force is high enough to catch mosquitoes.
3. Anti-escape mosquito storage box, so that mosquitoes have nowhere to escape.
4. The quality ABS material is safe and harmless, the LED light source is not glare and no radiation, and the elderly, children and pregnant women can feel free to use.

Product parameters:

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 5W
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Product color: pink / blue
Applicable area: below 20 square meters